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WDFW Enforcement is divided into two patrol sections, Marine and Land, although responsibilities often overlap and the two sections commonly assist each other. The following are real life events that provide a snapshot of fish and wildlife enforcement activity in Washington State. These examples show the diversity of issues that Fish and Wildlife Police Officers ("Game Wardens") encounter while protecting your natural resources, but are by no means all encompassing of our many accomplishments. All violations are considered alleged unless a conviction has been secured.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kudos to Officer Jason Day!

We received these photos from Mr. Reed Prater, proud dad of Logan Prater (age 10), who shot his first deer on Opening Day 2011 in Bridgeport!

Logan Reed, age 10, with his first deer (3x2 with eyeguards)

Logan made a great 100-yard shot with his dad by his side. But what made this momentous occasion even more special, according to Mr. Reed, was that Fish and Wildlife Officer Jason Day helped them drag the deer out, through a creek and up a steep hill to the truck.

Officer Day helps drag Logan's deer back to the truck

Mr. Prater says "What an exemplary role model display by Officer Day!" Officer Day made quite the impression on Logan and his dad... apparently they weren't quite expecting a 'game warden' to help them out like that. Way to go, Officer Day!!

And congratulations, Logan!
Here's to many more successful hunts with your dad by your side.
Logan and his proud dad - hunting partners for life! :)

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